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A native-English speaker who is an expert in your scientific field will:

  • edit for grammar AND accuracy of scientific expression
  • check logic of sentences and manuscript structure
  • edit to the guidelines of your target journal
  • edit figures, tables, and references
  • ensure the language in your manuscript is clear and natural
  • + free 2nd round of editing included!

The language in every manuscript we edit is publication-ready - with Edanz you can be confident that language will never be a problem when submitting to a journal.

Standard Editing

A final language and grammar check. Use this service if you are confident about the structure of your manuscript and just want the language and grammar checked before submission.

Expert advice on choosing the best target journal and making a submission strategy. We will provide you with a list of journals that are most likely to accept your manuscript, and give you details of the pros and cons of submitting to each.

Impress the journal editor with a professional cover letter that clearly communicates the importance and novelty of your manuscript.

Make it easier for the journal editor to send your manuscript for review by providing potential reviewers.

Impress the journal editor and future readers with a clear and elegant abstract.

Check that your responses are appropriate and your revisions are correct.

Have an independent expert in your field give advice and recommendations about how to make your manuscript stronger and better so you can improve the content before submission.

Language Editing

Expert support for successful submission & peer review.

  • 100% guaranteed native-English speaking experts 
  • 23+ years experience serving the scientific community
  • Fast & responsive 1 - 3 day turnaround times

Publication Support

  • Pre and post-submission expert support
  • Experienced experts with verified publication history
  • Save time and maximize your chances of acceptance

Edanz is recommended by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

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